Coin Changer/Bill Acceptor Tester

The CT3 Vending Tester PRO from S.E.M. is capable of testing all coin changers and bill acceptors on the North-American market. It supports many protocols, old or new, and is equipped with the SSPS Overload feature protecting the unit against shorted devices.

Furthermore, the CT3 offers 3 programmable selections enabling you to test your MDB equipments in real life situation and even more than one at a time.

  • THE reference on the market
  • Essential for all in-shop technicians
  • Supports many communication protocols
  • Report printer available in option

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Portable MDB Tester

This brand new CTX Portable MDB Tester is the ultimate tool for any vending machine technician on the road. The CTX enables you to test MDB coin changers, MDB bill acceptors and most of the MDB card readers on the market. Equipped with a large format 4X20 display and a membrane type 9-key keypad the CTX offers you unique features. The CTX works both ways. It can simulate a vending machine, enabling you to test the peripherals or it can simulate the peripherals for testing the machine. The technician will then have the choice to power up the CTX either independently with its own power source or connect it into the MDB port of the machine.

Just like its big brother the CT3, the new smaller CTX has the same SSPS protection against short circuits providing added security to both the machine and the peripherals. The easy-care membrane and the ABS plastic housing assure both lite weight and durability. Among the other features is a printer and upload port enabling the flash type firmware upgrade. A nice protective satchel will soon be available in option.

  • Lite & compact
  • Essential for all technicians on the road
  • Test all MDB units
  • Simulate any MDB peripheral

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