UES10 Controller for bulk water vending machine

The UES10 controller enables you to sell bottled water in self-service mode. A coin changer, a bill acceptor or a card reader can be added as a mean of payment. The UES10 uses a unique concept enabling to fill out the container using only one button but also enables the addition of pre-programmed selection buttons. The UES10 includes a 1x16 LCD display, a Start/Stop button, the electronic controller and a power transformer.

  • Ideal for self-service filling machines.
  • One-button design offering 4 prices based on quantity bought.
  • Up to 4 pre-programmed selection buttons in option.
  • Compatible with U-Smart and U-Gold card system.

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Controller PCX6 for PC application

The PCX6 is a controller allowing payments on PC applications. Linked either by the serial of USB port, this electronic controller manages the coin changer, the bill acceptor and a prepaid card reader. It comes with a 4-line LCD display and all the documentation required for the development of your application. The PCX6 is also used in our 9900X and 9900XS equipments.

  • Ideal for any PC applications
  • Manages coins, bills and cards
  • Serial or USB communication
  • 4-line LCD display

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Controllers for vending machines

Our custom made controllers for vending machines can be adapted specifically to your needs. Whether it is to control a motor, a solenoid, or a valve, S.E.M.'s team of engineers has the knowledge and know how to develop an application having the same strict standards as our own products.

  • Many plateforms available
  • LCD multi lines and various sizes
  • MDB protocole
  • Cashless system ready

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