Self service Pay-Station for Point-of-Sale

The model 9900XP is simply a device customers can use to pay their meal without the need for the personal to manipulate money.  The control and, above all, the hygienic benefits along with the protection against bogus bills of such a system make the 9900XP a unique system.  The coin changer and the bill acceptor allow full payment.  Change is given back either in change or in $5-bill (USA only, Canada coming soon)

Model 9900XP can be coupled with an electronic cash register or simply with the remote controller allowing the cashier to key-in the amount of the transaction with a Lexan keypad.  The amount will then be visible on the display of the 9900XP so that the patron can complete the transaction.

  • Ideal for full-service counter operations
  • No handling of the money by the employee
  • Accepts all coins and bills and gives change back.
  • Automatic receipt printing

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coin-op 9900XS for PC applications

Our coin-op 9900XS is the ideal equipment for payment of PC applications. Linked to the PC either by the serial or USB port, this coin-op is equipped with our PCX6 controller managing the coin changer, the bill acceptor and prepaid card reader. It comes with a 4-line LCD display and all the documentation required for the development of your application.

  • Ideal for any PC applications
  • manages coins, bills and cards
  • Serial or USB communication
  • 4-line LCD display

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