Readers for photocopiers or serial applications

The C15 is a card reader coupled with a special interface and a serial port.  It can be mounted on a photocopier or a computer allowing payment for copies and print jobs.  The C15 card reader supports almost all protocols used in the copier industry and is also compatible with most Pay-per-Print software.

  • Multiple vend prices.
  • Adaptable to any make of copiers.
  • “Plug & Play” style connector.
  • Compatible with many Pay-per-Print software

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The CN1000 is the second generation of access system for copy auditing. Easy to program and use, it offers 1020 accounts and adapts itself to a wide variety of copiers. A new housing, a care-free keypad, and a proven technology make the CN1000 a most reliable system. A swipe card reader is offered as an option along with a small printer and holding brackets.

  • 1020 accounts
  • Increasing or decreasing copy counting
  • 4 to 8 digit PIN number
  • Optional swipe card reader

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Terminal for on-line printing software

The 9900K, with its new X6 main circuit, comes with a touch screen type 320X240 display. Using the TCP/IP protocol, it communicates with a printing software enabling the selection and the release of a pending print job or the simple printing a copy. The copier interface offers many vend prices according the paper size and the printing type. The KTX6 can be fitted with a swipe card reader, a bar code reader or any other style of card reader.

  • 320X240 Touch Screen display
  • Ideal for on-line application
  • Printing software optional.
  • Smart Interface for more advanced copiers

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Remote access copier controller

Simply equipped with an ON/OFF switch and and electronic counter showing the amount of copies done, the RCC1 is the ideal small controller for a copier in an attended environment. The person at the counter would simply have to flip the switch ON to authorize the use of the copier. Copies done are shown on the small display of the controller until reset back to zero.

Fits most copiers on the market. It comes with a 50-foot (15 metres) cable and goes on a counter.  An extension is available in option if required.

  • Ideal for visual control of a copier
  • Most economical controller
  • Quick and easy to install and use

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