CX6 Copier & serial applications smart card reader

The CX6 is a card reader coupled with a special interface and a serial port. It can be mounted on a photocopier or a computer allowing payment for copies and print jobs. The CX6 card reader supports almost all protocols used in the copier industry and is also compatible with most Pay-per-Print software.

  • Multiple vend prices.
  • Adaptable to any make of copiers.
  • “Plug & Play” style connector.
  • Compatible with many Pay-per-Print software

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Vending machine card reader

The all new U-Smart SM2 vending machine card reader is an MDB protocol card reader for vending machines.  Its sleek design enables it to be installed in the standard bill acceptor opening of any vending machines.  An optional external side-mount housing will allow you to install it on the side of any counter-type coffee machine.  Once in place, users can purchase any products until all credits are used.

  • MDB vending reader
  • Uses reloadable smart cards
  • Panel mount built-in or side mounting

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Programmer and Point-of-sales terminal

The SP-2 comes with a U-Smart reader, a keypad and two displays. It allows monetary transactions, debit or credit, using the U-Smart cards. It offers many features such as a detailed memory of the last 2000 transactions, a display and acceptance button on the customer's side, up to 5 cashier cards with debit and/or credit authorization, and detailed audit. An optional printer will issue a transaction receipt and print out the audit. The audit can also be downloaded

  • Allows credits or debits on U-Smart cards
  • Transaction reports for each operator (cashier)
  • Optional receipt printer
  • Customer interface with confirmation button
  • Can be attached to electronic cash register

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Reloading and card dispensing unit

The all new CVS9910X allows to purchase cards as well as reloading them.  Its compact housing is perfectly suited for a wall-mount installation.  A coin and bill acceptors allow the purchase or revalue of a card.  The CVS9910X also offers the possibility to program a three-level bonus upon card revalue.

  • Accepts coins and bills.
  • Up to three bonus level on revalue.
  • Dispenser capacity for 200 cards.

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Reloading and card dispensing unit

The CVS1010 comes in a sturdy high-security. It allows selling and revaluing cards by the mean of coins and bills. The printer gives a detailed transaction receipt for each transaction and is also used to print the audit.

  • Accepts coin and bills
  • Sturdy high-security cabinet
  • Receipt printer
  • Capacity for 500 cards

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U-Smart Cards


U-Smart cards have a high-security technology meeting the ISO/IEC7816 specs.  This smart card is rechargeable and can be printed with your own personalized design.  The embedded chip protects the encoded information contained in it such as the balance as well as the unique site code address making sure only your cards can be accepted in the reader.

  • Credit card size
  • Smart chip offering high-security
  • Monetary balance encoded on the card
  • Can be printed with your own logo and name

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