Network Server

U-Gold is a server-type software containing thousands of accounts and allowing controls over dozens of readers installed on many types of equipments, vending machines, counter-type Point of Sales, value-adding stations, etc.  This powerful software registers the accounts by profile and group, manages account's balances, gives subsidies, restricts access to some readers depending day and time and even products chosen.  Detailed reports is just a mouse-click away. 

  • Multi-service networked card readers
  • For food services, vending machines, photocopiers, timers, access, etc.
  • Accepts all card technologies
  • Modular system in constant evolution

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Vending machine card reader

This reader, part of the Unilog Gold network, uses the international MDB protocol. It communicates with the Unilog Gold Server using the TCP/IP network. A two-line LCD display will give information such as the account balance, and different messages coming from the server. The USM-CRX readers are compatible with the vast majority of latest generation vending machines.

  • International MDB protocol reader
  • TCP-IP communication port
  • Two-line LCD display
  • Compatible with the majority of vending machines

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Point-of-Sales Terminal

The USC reader is part of the Unilog Gold network. It allows an operator to debit or credit an account. This terminal has a card reader, a display and a maintenance-free Lexan keypad. The USC reader has a port enabling it to communicate with a cash register for more complex and faster transactions. All the transactions done on the USC terminal are accounted for in the Unilog Gold database enabling a wide variety of sales reports.

  • Ideal for cafeterias or service counters
  • Allows the debit or credit of an account
  • Can be coupled directly onto a cash register
  • Full and detailed audit available in the Unilog Gold Server

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Timer controller

The X6T is an electronic timer offering advanced features.  This timer is coupled with a four-line electronic display indicating the amount and time remaining.  The X6T was designed to work with and electronic coin acceptor, a bill acceptor as well as a smart card reader.  The many technical features of the X6T timer enable us to proclaim that our equipments having this circuit are the most advanced on the market today.

  • Four-line display
  • Multiple start mode
  • Works with coin and bill acceptors and card reader
  • End-of-cycle two-step warning
  • Adjustable after-cycle auxiliary output

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Value-adding station

The all new CVS9910K allows to purchase a card as well as adding value on it. Its cabinet is equipped with large touch-screen type display. It is easy to install on a wall. A coin acceptor, a bill reader and an optional credit card reader allows customers to purchase or revalue a card. The CVS9910K is part of the Unilog Gold network and communicates with the server using the TCP-IP network.

  • Accepts coins and bills
  • Optional credit card reader
  • Touch-screen type large display
  • Capacity of 200 cards

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U-Gold card

The Unilog cards are magnetic type cards for the Unilog Gold network. Other technology can also be adapted with the Unilog Gold system. The card can be printed with the operator's own logo or design even in small quantity as we do have all the equipment required to do so.

  • Credit card format
  • Magnetic cards or other technology
  • Account balance stored into the Unilog Gold system, not on the card
  • Can be printed with your own logo or design

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